Obligatory Plan – LAMal

Each healthcare provider offers from 3 to 5 LAMal insurance models.

When multiplied by 60 companies who supply basic health insurance, this gives you about 200 options! Anywhere from 5 to 15 complementary health insurance plans are available on the market. Multiply this by the 60 providers, and it gives you about 600 options!

The obligatory LAMal coverage will have a deductible (franchise in French) ranging from 300 to 2,500 Swiss Francs. The client is free to choose the amount of the deductible.

In addition to the chosen deductible a participation of in yearly medical charges is also due. This amount is capped at 700 CHF for adults and 350 CHF for children (This amounts to 7000 CHF in medical expenses for adults or 3500 in expenses for children in the calendar year).

Universal Coverage

All health insurance companies are required to provide the LAMal plan to everyone, regardless of age or medical condition. Monthly premiums are calculated on a cantonal basis, and vary (sometimes significantly) according to the cost of healthcare in the Canton of residence.

All companies offer identical LAMal coverage as it is a public obligatory insurance.
Coverage includes the following, after payment of the deductible and participation:

  • Full coverage for hospital treatments and stays in the canton where the policy holder resides in the public hospital.
  • Outpatient treatment costs in the canton of residence
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Prescribed medication
  • Limited medical transport
  • Home care to avoid hospital admission

There is no coverage for adult eyes (vision) and teeth; international coverage is extremely limited, as is medical and emergency transport. Most models oblige patients to consult a predefined “Family Doctor” or can even go as far as obliging the client to call a medical hotline before consulting.