Other Insurances

Charlie can also help for your other insurance and retirement planning queries and requirements.

Insurance products are designed to offer you financial security and protection from all kinds of risks. Is your car protected in case of collision, do you have bonus or serious misconduct protection, are your headlights covered? Is your engagement ring or valuable watch suitably protected? What if your bicycle or handbag are stolen while you are out and about? Do you need a lawyer to defend your rights? What happens if you damage another person’s belongings or do them harm?

No two insurance products have the same Prices, Conditions, Exclusions, Benefits. Charlie will give you three offers, from three different companies, so you can compare and make the best decision for your personal protection or that of your family.

We will help with:

  • Life insurance (pilier 3A and 3B)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Car insurance
  • Home and personal belongings insurance
  • Civil Liability insurance
  • Legal insurance
  • Business insurance

If you already have an offer send it to us and we will see if we can do better.

Charlie remains available for a face to face meeting at your home or office.