What are the “Delta”, “RME” and “ASCA” health networks and organisations?

The “Delta Network” (réseau Delta) is a network of independent generalists or internists who work in private practices or medical centres. If you choose an alternative LAMal model, many health insurance companies will ask you to choose a doctor who is a member of this network. Consult www.reseau-delta.ch to choose the doctor closest to you.

“ASCA” and “RME” are two competing organisations that deliver the qualifications required to practice as a qualified complementary or natural therapist. A therapist who practices without one of these qualifications will not be recognized by the health insurance companies, which means no benefits will be paid (you will have to bear the full cost of the treatment).
Most insurance companies only cover RME qualified therapists. These are not always easy to find. To illustrate this, if you search www.asca.ch for an osteopath in the Canton of Geneva you will find 88 therapists, and over one hundred for both acupuncture and reiki. If you make the same search on www.meindex.ch for a RME qualified therapist you will find 6, 21 and 1 respectively at the date this article was published.



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