Should I choose the “free choice of doctor” LAMal model or an alternative LAMal model?

The “free choice of doctor” model is always the most expensive LAMal model. It provides you with the liberty to consult the specialist (and generalist)of your choice without going through your fixed “family” or “referral” doctor. You can save anywhere between 10 to 15 on your monthly LAMal premium if you choose an alternative model. The most common alternative models allow either the use of the same doctor, known as a “family” doctor (you must always consult him or her before consulting a specialist) and the use of a health call centre which must be consulted before you take any medical related action. Many providers ask clients who choose the family doctor option to choose doctors who are members of the “Delta” network (réseau Delta). Regardless of your model, free choice always applies to gynecologists, ophthalmologists, and emergency situations where you quite simply do not have the time to book an appointment with your family doctor.



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